STRONG B.A.N.D.S. 2019


Reach your peak by getting involved in all of our STRONG B.A.N.D.S events.  Get a wristband at any one of our events and wear it throughout May to show your commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. 


STRONG B.A.N.D.S. – Strong Balance, Activity, Nutrition, Determination and Strength –  can help you and your family to get stronger, eat healthier and increase motivation.


Join us on Facebook for Trivia Tuesday to win weekly prizes.


Chievres Garrison STRONG B.A.N.D. Events for May 2019
May 5 - Cinco De Mayo 5K Run/Walk
May 7 - Fitness Assesments, Functional Fitness Class, and Muscle Pump Class
May 9 - Zumba Dance Class, Fitness Assessments, and Muscle Pump Class
May 11 - Mother's Day Zumba Dance Class