Pet Boarding and Grooming Services

Pet Boarding and Grooming Services

Chievres Kennel - Chievres Air Base Bldg. 20030 Brugelette 7940 Google Map

The Chievres Kennel, located on Chievres Air Base, can help you with your pet boarding and grooming needs!  Their goal is to provide your pet with the very best care and safest environment possible while your pet is their guest.  All U.S. and NATO ID Card Holders are welcome!

Grooming services

Cat and dog grooming services are offered by a contracted professional. To make an appointment please contact the kennel at DSN 597-5242 or 068.25.5242.

Gifts and Pet Items

The Kennel also stocks a variety of gift items for your favorite friend!


Reservations are accepted up to 2 months in advance. Reservations can may be made in person or over the phone on a first-come, first-served basis, however a deposit is required to secure a reservation.


One dog: $23 per day

One cat: $18 per day

Each additional dog or cat in the same kennel: $5 per day

Small animals (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs...): $5 per day, $1 per day for each additional small pet in the same enclosure. If your pet will be staying more than 30 days, the kennel requires a deposit on the drop-off date.  The deposit wil be the daily fee x 30.

Fees are per day regardless of drop-off or pick-up time.