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Chievres Kennel

Where Your Pet is Our Guest

Our goal is to provide your pet with the very best care and environment possible while they are our guest.  All U.S. and NATO ID card holders are welcome!

Making Reservation for the Kennel


We accept reservations up to two months in advance. Reservations can may be made in person or over the phone on a first-come, first-served basis, however a deposit is required to secure a reservation. The deposit is $69 for dogs, and $54 for cats. For reservations less than three days, the deposit will be the full boarding fee.

Cancellations and No Shows

Changes and cancellations must be made at least three days prior to the drop off date. Customers who do not give a three-day notice will forfeit their deposit. Customers who arrive after their scheduled drop-off date will be charged for each day of their scheduled reservation, and only accommodated if there is still space available. Customers who pick up their pet more than two days prior to their scheduled pick up date will be charged each day of their scheduled reservation.

Customers who cancel their reservation more than three days prior to the scheduled drop off date will receive a refund of their deposit.

Vaccination Requirements for the Kennel

A copy or original of your pet's vaccination records must be provided to the Kennel prior to your pet's arrival.  Pets will not be accepted for boarding without proof of proper vaccinations. 

All animals must be visibly healthy. If your pet requires medication, a medication sheet must be filled out at the Kennel upon arrival.  Keep in mind that Kennel employees are not certified to give injections.


  • Current Rabies
  • Current Distemper and Parvo  
  • Current Bordetella (kennel cough)

Cats: Current Rabies and FVRCP

Ferrets: Current Rabies and Distemper

Incoming Procedure for Personnel Mandated to Quarantine

1.    NOTE: The below instructions are for in-processing personnel mandated to complete a quarantine period only. 

2.    Reservations can be made online or by phone. Sponsors may make reservations on behalf of the member. To make a reservation, call +32 (0)68-25-5242 or email us

3.    Kennel Staff will assign an appointment time for drop-off and/or pick-up, to ensure only one person is in the kennel at one time (or individuals from the same family).

4.    Sponsors will drop off the incoming personnel’s pets; incoming personnel and their families will not enter the facility before the mandated quarantine is complete.

5.    Incoming personnel may email estimated time of arrival. 

6.    A short questionnaire of general information and completion of the Chievres Kennel Boarding Agreement must be completed through email prior to check-in.

7.    Vaccination records (reflecting the required shots) must be reviewed before incoming animal(s) check-in; personnel must send proof of vaccination in advance alongside the Kennel Boarding Agreement and questionnaire.

8.    If a pet requires medication, a medication sheet must be filled out via email prior to pet’s arrival. 

a.    In addition, animals with known medical issues will need to be medically assessed by the on post veterinarian before entry to the Chievres Kennel.  Those pets that are not considered to have known medical issues can come directly to the Kennel. All animals must be visibly healthy to be accepted for boarding.

9.    Medications and special items for pets must fit in a sealable gallon size bag. Any food products provided by personnel must be un-opened; the exterior of the bag will be sanitized upon arrival at the kennel. If the pet(s) is/are on a special diet, the member must provide the necessary amount of food for the duration of their quarantine. Due to sanitary reasons, the Chievres Boarding Kennel will not accept any bedding for the pets. The Kennel's bedding will be provided for each pet.

10. Any animal with a known tendency or disposition to attack or otherwise threaten the safety of a human being or domestic animal will not be accepted for boarding. The sponsor must make other care arrangements.

Additional safety precautions include:

1.    Safety measures will include sanitation in between each customer and at the open and close of each day. 

2.    Pets will be taken to/ from cages by staff only. Patrons will not assist, or be allowed anywhere in the building besides the lobby area.

3.    Incoming personnel may visit pets if time permitting and only by appointment. This can only take place after their quarantine process has been completed. This will be coordinated by phone or email with Kennel staff.

4.    It is the members/ sponsors responsibility to inform the Chievres Boarding Kennel of any changes to their reservation (drop-off, pick-up date, or if an extension will be necessary after the standard 30 day period).

5.    The incoming member may check-in with Kennel Staff by phone or email for an update on the well-being of their pet(s). They will be contacted immediately if there is a concern or emergency and if they are not able to be reached, the Kennel staff will contact the sponsor.

Kennel Fees

One dog: $23 per day

One cat: $18 per day

Each additional dog or cat in the same kennel: $5 per day

Small animals (birds, rabbits, guinea pigs...): $5 per day, $1 per day for each additional small pet in the same enclosure. If your pet will be staying more than 30 days, we require a deposit on the drop-off date.  The deposit wil be the daily fee x 30.

Fees are per day regardless of drop-off or pick-up time.

Feeding and Food Information

The kennel provides dry food for dogs and cats at no extra cost.  All other food must be supplied by the owner.  All food and treats you provide for your pets must be stored in a sealed hard plastic container (no zip-loc type bags).

Doggy Day Care, Grooming Services, and FAQS

Doggy Day Care

Available during off peak seasons on a space available basis.

  • One dog:  $2 an hour or $10 per day
  • Two dogs:  $3 an hour or $15 per day

Grooming services

Cat and dog grooming services are offered by a contracted professional. To make an appointment please contact the kennel at DSN 597-5242 or 068.25.5242.

Customers who do not show up for their grooming appointment will be charged a $30 administrative fee. Any pet not picked up immediately at the end of their appointment will be charged Doggy Day Care fees.

The Kennel also stocks a variety of gift items for your favorite furry friend!

Additional information

  • Emergency contact information must be provided.  If your pet is injured or ill during his stay, your emergency contact will be required to pick up your pet.
  • Pets must be at least 3 months old to be boarded at the Kennel.
  • Owners are responsible for dropping off and picking up their pets, unless they give written authorization for someone else to do so.
  • We provide beds and blankets, litter and litter boxes, food and water bowls.  You may bring one toy for your pet, however, the Kennel is not responsible for lost or damaged toys.  Any toy presenting a choking hazard will be removed from the Kennel.
  • Cats and other small animals are not allowed outdoors.  An enclosed play area is available for cats.
  • Dogs are let outdoors in fenced-in yards daily.
  • You may visit your pet during operating hours.  If you remove your pet from the Kennel, you must return prior to closing time.  If you are late, you are responsible for your pet until the Kennel reopens.
  • If a pet is unclaimed on the scheduled pick-up date and the Kennel has not been notified of the delay, the owner will be charged a late fee.

The Kennel will not accept vicious animals for boarding!

  • Any animal with a known tendency or disposition to attack or otherwise threaten the safety of a human being or domestic animal will not be accepted.
  • Any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting or any dog trained for dog fighting will also not be accepted.
  • If your dog bites or attempts to bite any Kennel employee, you will be informed that your dog must be picked up immediately and can no longer stay at the Kennel.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Kennel policies, feel free to call during operating hours.  Our goal is to provide your pet with the very best environment possible while they are our guest.




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